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List of ogboni members

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Ogboni fraternity is an indigenous fraternal institution modulo suggerimenti o reclamo the Yoruba language-speaking polities. This society performs a range of various political, cultural, religious and economic functions. They are very close and exercise major influence to monarchs, presidents and community leaders. How to become one of them and who are they actually? Read the article to find out!

What is Ogboni? This organization has always been a part of the mystery for the government. The earliest mention about the Ogboni was in For that time, they started to perform religious, political and judicial functions.

In the early days, they served to be the link between Gods and humans. They worshipped the goddess of Earth as she gave them the real power of unity. Ogboni used to be the highest court in Yorubaland. No person was punished without their judgment or consent. They were so powerful, that had the ability to choose or remove kings. There is not enough information about the Ogboni fraternity symbols, rituals and initiation process. Ogboni Lodges also were a part of this secrecy as people who tried to show off and open their secret locations were doomed to be expelled from life!

What is more interesting about Ogboni is their undesired to open up to the society. It seems that people who are part of this secret society have no permission to tell anybody about the affiliation to the society. Nevertheless, even if women are permitted to be part of the society, the highest position is still to be occupied by the elder and most powerful man. Ogboni secret society existed through the ages, but their power is still to be relevant today with the newest technologies of influence.

They seem to have their parts in politics all around Africa. Who knows? Maybe they are the people who decide the fate of the whole Africa continent and people who live there! It shares the same principles and organization like the Ogboni Fraternity. According to the Facebook page of ROF, the organization was founded in The ROF do not consider themselves a part of any secret society! They are not associated with any political party.

The main objective of ROF is to launch a network that can spread the ideas through their supporters economically, politically and socially. They want to uphold the ideas of serving people and abide laws of the country and God.There are noted discrepancies on the date it was founded.

How Ogboni saved Gen. Diya from Sani Abacha - Egbeji

A few sites claim it was founded on December 18, According to the official Facebook page of R. F, it was founded on December 18, The Reformed Ogboni Fraternity claims not to be a secret society.

F is not a Secret Society, It is not a religion, but it is religious in character based on the belief in the Fatherhood of God; Brotherhood of man and the immortality of souls. Growing up in Nigeria, we have been made aware of secret societies and cults made of powerful men who control the destiny of this nation.

The Most Prominent Secret Societies In Nigeria

One of such societies we have heard about is the Reformed Ogboni Fraternity. F gets its name from the Yoruba cult Ogboni. This secret society has been around since ancient times and indigenous to the Yoruba nation.

The Ogboni secret society was and is very powerful, highly influential in the affairs of the state and leadership. A secret society to the core, the practices of the Ogboni is hidden and not revealed to the public. Its members are hardly known. The Reformed Ogboni Fraternity is the opposite of this. It is not a secret society. Its members can come out and say that belong to the fraternity. It does, however, have the same objective as the Ogboni which is to have a network that elevates its members economically and politically.

Men and women can be members of the Reformed Ogboni Fraternity. According to the R. F constitution obtained from " refworld ":. As ofR. F has conclaves known as 'Iledi' in Nigeria. It also has conclaves in Cameroun, Italy, England and Belgium. By clicking again you agree to our Privacy Policy and European users agree to data transfer policy. The Reformed Ogboni Fraternity is not a secret society that people think. The Reformed Ogboni Fraternity is one of the popular cults or secret societies in Nigeria.

Tell your friends.In interviews with the Research Directorate, two scholars provided information about the Ogboni "secret society" 13 Apr. He is an ethnic Nigerian and had friends who were Ogboni members. Her research interests included symbolic and historical anthropology; cosmology, gender, and space; Igbo ethnography; West Africa 14 Apr.

She stated that she lived in Nigeria in the late s and that her roommates included Ogboni members and that her information on the Ogboni was based upon her general and anthropological knowledge of Nigeria ibid.

list of ogboni members

History and Structure. With regard to how to describe the Ogboni, the political science professor said that members of the Ogboni "society" would likely take offence at having their organization referred to as a "cult" or a "secret society" and would probably refer to themselves as a "lodge" similar to that of the Masons 13 Apr. The anthropology professor said that in Nigeria the Ogboni are commonly referred to as a "secret society" by Nigerians, but that Ogboni members would likely self-identify the group as a social club whose members help each other in matters such as commerce, marriage, etc.

Consequently, in this Response the Ogboni will be referred to as a "society. Both scholars stated that Ogboni members are typically financially very well off and well-connected. The political science professor said that the current Ogboni society dates back to the s when a group of senior Nigerian civil servants formed the society in reaction to the existing European social clubs that excluded native Nigerians 13 Apr.

According to him, the Nigerians wanted a forum in which they could interact and enjoy some of the privileges of their senior status in Nigeria. The founder was a Methodist minister and, in addition to senior civil servants, Ogboni members included doctors, lawyers, senior police officials, and other elite Nigerians ibid. Both scholars stated that despite Ogboni origins in the Yoruba ethnic group, the membership includes persons of other Nigerian ethnicities.

The anthropology associate professor stated that women are also now able to join 14 Apr. Heinz Jockers of the Institute for African Studies, in Hamburg, explained that although little is known about the traditional Ogboni society, it is not to be confused with the Reformed Ogboni Society, which he claims is an association of politicians and influential people Nov.

However, Jockers provided the following information:. The traditional Ogboni society was part of the checks and balances system of the Yoruba kingdoms. They were kingmakers, and disposed of both a religious as well as a judicial function. They had also the power to dethrone the Oba the king and could order him to kill himself or would give him poison. The ethnographic work on their role and function in the 19th and early 20th century dates back to the s, thus no in-depth knowledge on their structure and inner workings after independence is available.

They are thought to still dispose of considerable local influence, forming part of the traditional power network to regulate societies and control resources. Oyenuga identified the following Ogboni "extractions":. First we have the Osugbo gbede which is normally referred to as being owned by the Oba. This is for the Oba's chiefs. There is Ogboni Aborigine fraternity of Nigeria, there is Iwule Ogboni and it is believed to be for the elderly four.Post a Comment.

Galaybanton — Pokish. In this current work Babalawo Obanifa will document some hidden facts about Ogboni Fraternity,Ogboni mode of initiation and Ideology. This work will be useful to the general public and future generation who want know how Ogboni evolve, their mode of initiation and ideology. This work will also be useful to Ogboni fraternal members who may lack the detail knowledge of how Ogboni come into existence in the first place, and the real reason while Ogboni cult come into existence as oppose to the later adulterated practice of it by some sect for vainglorious end.

I sincerely hope that the statement above has answered any of your anticipated questions and quest. I am not a member of any cult group. There is no how we will discuss origin of Ogboni without discussing Orisa Edan and there is known how we will discuss Orisa Edan without discussing Ogboni. If you. You will have an inkling of how Ogboni evolve because I discuss some detail on how Ogboni come into existence in my previous work on Orisa Edan.

For sake of detail comprehensiveness of this work I will reveal here again How Ogboni come into existence. Orisa Edan cannot be discuss in isolation without discussing Ogboni cult. Ogboni cult cannot be discuss without discussing orisa Edan,the two entity are intertwined and interdependent. But Orisa Edan is the orisa spiritual force or the diety while members of Ogboni or Osugbo cult are the followers or worshiper of the orisa Edan.

For the sake of easy com prehension my explanation on Orisa Edan an Ogboni or Osugbo cult will be in stages or faces. In the ancient time in Yoruba land as evidence by Ifa sacred scriptural verse and oral historical facts handle down by people before me. There was oppression of the weak by the strong. There was injustice. The king and Ruler abuse their power with no one to check them. Everything was in state of total disarray. The odu ifa that appear on ifa divination tray opon ifa that day is Ogunda meji.

It is in this odu ifa that Ifa instructs Orunmila to invite Orisa Edan from Ikole Orun heaven To come to Ikole aye earth to bring peace, justice, orderliness and good governance to the world. This can be deduce from odu ifa ogunda meji I cited above where Ifa say :.

Ololo babalawo Edan. A ki gbo iku Edan. Yooro ledan ma n se. Oluto aye si wa lona. Adifa fun orunmila, abu fun Edan. Eyi ti yi o to Ile aye. Bi Eni to afoku igba. Gbogbo aye to Ile aye ti paabo ni o jasi. Se ni won fa Ile aye ya perepe afoku igba. Orunmila lo si ode Orun. Ebo ni won ni ki won se.Sometimes burdened by negative rumours, half-truths, and infamy, secret societies have played significant roles in the economic, political and social aspects of different communities in Africa.

Their ideologies and way of life sometimes help redefine how an entire community is administered. Members of these groups are influential and powerful. Here are a few of these societies:. Ekpe, which means Leopard in Efik, is a masquerade cult with members who are typically well-respected agents of wealth distribution in the community and other reputable and outstanding personalities.

Being a member of the group is a self-enriching quest for members and their families. To give back to the community, they sponsor feasts and throw parties for the sole merriment of the people. This society is one of the highest and most important social groups in Igboland.

Taking the title is extremely expensive and is only for individuals with extreme prestige, power and influence in the community.

All you need to know about this organization

To become Ozo means that the title holder is now an Nze living spirit and an ancestor. It is a symbol of prominence on whomever it is conferred upon and often assumes a leading role. In times of crisis, most Igbo communities rely on Ozo members for leadership. This institution plays roles in the socio-political and religious affairs of the Yoruba people.

They aim to strike a healthy balance in the aspects of fairness and justice. In pre-colonial history, the judiciary of Yoruba kingdoms was under the tutelage of the Ogboni members. But this changed and translated into dubious tendencies, attaching a derogatory tag to the group.

It still functions in a few remote kingdoms and is popular in Nigerian Yoruba and Igbo-speaking communities, Togo and Republic of Benin.

An Igbo equivalent of Ekpe, the Okonko society is only open to a certain calibre of men in the community, including titled elders, kingmakers and law enforcers of no questionable character. Its festivals are strictly meant for members, and only initiates can follow Okonko processions at ceremonies.

list of ogboni members

Initiation holds in three stages and lasts for seven days. Palm leaves, to the group, hold great significance. For instance, when held between lips, it shows silence and divinity. To enable commenting and other interactive features, please switch to the more advanced.

Everything you need to live well.

list of ogboni members

Ekpe Masquerade. Photo: Wikipedia Commons. Ekpe Masquerade, Calabar. Photo: Pinterest. Nze na Ozo. Photo Wikipedia.His desperation to acquire wealth pushed him to join the Ogboni confraternity but 15 years after his initiation into the cult, Chris Obi realized he could only get what he wanted so badly if he surrenders that which is dear to him, his first son.

Now 54 years old, Obi who is based in Onitsha, Anambra State is bitter that he has lost 15 of his early years in search of wealth where nothing is given free. His decision to quit the secret society has not helped as he claimed that leaders of the group have been all out to destroy him. Not ready to keep sealed lips, Obi, who was once a machine operator with a firm in Onitsha before turning to merchandise, told Saturday Sun that sweet story of wealth by his friends who are members of the group encouraged him to stake all he has to join.

I was deceived by friends. But I was in it for 15 years without getting any riches.

Ogboni fraternity cult: rituals, symbols, hand sign, human sacrifice

I was only dining with the high and mighty. They were only feeding me. Whenever we go for meetings, which we call club meetings, I used to eat sumptuous meals and drink so much. I even paid a registration fee. It was about N75, that I paid before they gave me a form to fill. I was asked to supply some personal information in the form. Such information included the names of my first born, my wife, my relatives and my age, among others.

I got the money from my contribution in the firm I was working before I joined the society. While giving account of his initiation into the cult, Obi said he was given a blood-like liquid in a calabash to drink as a mark that he would keep the secrets of the society, which he is now determined to break and damn the consequence. There were traditional priests who presided over the initiation. After that, they put the ring into my hand and said that it was a covenant that demands that I keep sealed lips about the activities of the society.

I was also given some liquid in a calabash to drink; the liquid looked like red wine, but it was very red. I cannot really say how it tasted. We were many that were initiated that day and we all drank the red liquid. When we had taken the drink, we were congratulated and welcomed to the society with huge promises that we would get all the riches and the powers that we desired. I went home that day feeling on top of the world. To reassure himself that he was on the right path, Obi would use some of the magical powers given him through rings and handkerchief.

I was told that I could just disappear in the face of danger if I wore it. Actually, I never got myself into trouble with anyone because all I wanted was to be very rich. So, I did my best to stay out of trouble.

The handkerchief did remarkable things for me. With it I hypnotized people to do my bidding. For instance, I was able to pay far less than what I bought from sellers whenever I went to the market to buy things.A seasoned administrator and chartered accountant, Francis Oluwagbenro Meshioye, the Olori Oluwo Supreme Leader of the Reformed Ogboni Fraternity has said being a member does not stop members from practising religions of their choice.

In an interview with the Nigerian Tribune, he explained the fraternity takes its roots from Nigerian culture. Why was I not born in India as a Hindu or in China to embrace their culture and religion? This made me to begin to look within myself to know who I am and I extended this to what I have within my area. I do embrace other things, mind you, but I believe that there is something we inherited from our source. I wanted to know why I am a Nigerian, a Yoruba man, what is my culture like and what is wrong with it amongst other things.

Thereafter, I realised that what I wanted was in my immediate environment. I looked at my culture and realised that it is very useful to realise my oneness with God. Incidentally, Ogbonism does not prevent you from going to the church or the mosque. It is about understanding our culture which guides in living a better life and improving the society. These were the things that prompted me to go into our culture. I love to be respected and I love to respect people and I like to be a noble character.

I later found somebody who introduced me to a member and during the period before induction, they were observing me but I was also observing them. They love each other and are respectable people; so I got interested and got glued to it. I found out that it is excellent and what I had been looking for. You must have a sponsor who will attest to your good character. You must be an adult according to the laws of the land; you must have a verifiable source of livelihood and you must be industrious.

You meet people who will discuss with you and if you are successful at the interview you are on your way to joining. Ogunbiyi started the fraternity on December 18, and named it Ogboni Onigbagbo, Meshioye, in the interview, explained the name change to Reformed Ogboni Fraternity. In Yoruba culture, we have Christians, Muslims and other faiths.

list of ogboni members

That was why it was changed to Reformed Ogboni Fraternity to accommodate people of different religious leanings, race and political affiliation. It is incorporated and recognised under Nigerian law. In Yorubaland, the governing system in any reputable town is Ogboni Osugbo. However, the major difference between Reformed Ogboni Fraternity and the others is that it focuses on the core principles and tenets of Ogbonism without tilting to the right or left.

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