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Huawei secret codes not working

By Kabei

This guide would come in handy for villages and remote areas with fluctuating 3G network signal coverage. Before attempting to use one of the four 4 methods below, it is best to find out if your device supports the option to set 3G Network only mode by navigating through the settings.

This is the easiest method from my viewpoint, as it can be completed in seconds and without much effort. Step1: Go to settings and click on About phone. Step2 : Locate Internal Memory and click on it four 4 times. It is as easy as dialing some set of USSD codes on your phone dialer. This is the most advanced, going from how easy and effortless the other three methods are. Locate the network options and set the preferred network mode.

Other engineering apps can be used as well by following after their instruction to tweak accordingly. This is an update about this unique method that works with newer versions of 4G LTE devices. It is an intuitive app to force LTE only mode on the latest Android devices. While Samsung users, HTC, and users of the A-series Samsung models of smartphones might not need this, other Android users need it to control hidden network settings.

The app helps you to set or switch to 4g network only mode as typically done from your phone settings menu. With it, you can do advanced network configuration and all kinds of data mode configuration.

You can use any of these links link 1 link 2 to download and install one for your phone. Just let me know the exact one that worked for you via the comment box below. Feel free to share what device and exploit method that worked for you in the past by using the comment form below.

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Dialer Codes Don't Work

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Thanks a lot in advance! Here is a sample piece of code. In your manifest, declare your receiver and with a secret code for example: I suppose if you want multiple numbers, you can add the variants of codes that your app will listen for:.

Anyone can decompile your app and see the codes in the manifest file. So whatever you do, make sure it is secured. If you open an activity from the receiver, make sure the activity asks for a password first. Another way to be more safe is to register the broadcast receiver in your MainApplication class in onCreate - add intentFilters to your liking, this way your codes are not exposed in the android manifest file but it will not work if your app is completely closed or swiped away.

Simply open the app, wait for the broadcast receiver to registerminimise it, type in your code, and voila. Learn more. Telephony Ask Question. Asked 2 years, 2 months ago. Active 6 months ago. Viewed 2k times. Active Oldest Votes. Write the rest of of the host until the end. OR Another way to be more safe is to register the broadcast receiver in your MainApplication class in onCreate - add intentFilters to your liking, this way your codes are not exposed in the android manifest file but it will not work if your app is completely closed or swiped away.

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Post as a guest Name. Email Required, but never shown. The Overflow Blog. Podcast Programming tutorials can be a real drag. Featured on Meta. Community and Moderator guidelines for escalating issues via new responseā€¦. Feedback on Q2 Community Roadmap.Sign in Remember Me? It is a pretty common situation for Android smartphones users to come across an incomprehensible error while running the device.

It displays the message: " Connection problem or invalid MMI code ". Indeed, in almost all cases the issue arises when executing the process related to send a request to the provider such as changing tariff, checking an account balance, turning on or off services etc.

Here we present several useful method to fix the issue. Reply Complaint. I have a mi phone and i do have the problem with the MMI code please help thanks. I has a i phone and i do have the problem with the MMI code pliz halp senks. I still get nothing. Then say no short codes Non existing short codes. Bloody technology! I have an android softwiner Evb have connection problem. I have samsung C How to fix?

Please help I had n probleme to connect to the network Nokia 3. Ang 14 March PM 0. Can someone who is being cyber stalked be the reason I have all these problems, and many more with my problem I complained to my provider and in return my bill was paid in full including my Wi-Fi bill at home cable bill and everything connected to my phone, how would I deal with the situation? Ronald mokua 10 April AM 0.

How to fix "Connection problem or invalid MMI code" on Android devices?

My oppo f11 smartphone it has a problem of call barring or mmi invalid connection help me. Write a comment.This title may sound somewhat misleading in the light of the Huawei ban that severed all the ties between U.

Right off the bat, this article has nothing to do with any secret codes that are used for spying, nor can they turn your smartphone into a James Bond-like device. By design, most of these codes give you additional information about the phone.

Though, there are codes for engineering and debugging purposes, so be careful with them to avoid inadvertently messing up the settings. Entering a code on P20 Lite or any other Huawei smartphone is a no-brainer. In most cases, the information appears on the screen as soon as you type the code.

However, there are those that require you to tap the Call button to get the info. Either way, the following sections provide a list off all available P20 Lite codes.

On P20 Lite, this code works without pressing the Call button. If you just need to reach just the IMEI numbers, type the code above. These numbers are useful if your smartphone gets lost or ends up in the wrong hands.

The above code provides you with the calendar info on your Huawei. To access Huawei ProjectMenu, insert the code above.

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But if you are not sure what you are doing, these settings are best left alone. Typing this code takes you to the Google Play services menu. Here you can connect to or disconnect from the service, check the PING status, and preview the logged events.

This makes the code quite handy when you want to troubleshoot certain connectivity issues with Google Play. This code is designed for testing purposes.

huawei secret codes not working

It takes you to the Testing window where you can preview phone and Wi-Fi information, as well as usage statistics. The following list of codes is not specific to Huawei P20 Lite.

Though, you should know that this and other MMI tests are primarily designed for developers. To get battery and phone information type the code above. Among other things, Huawei flagship smartphones got a lot of attention because of excellent cameras. To access the comprehensive camera info, enter the code above.

huawei secret codes not working

This secret code is surely one of the most useful since it runs a wireless LAN test. Needless to say, it can be a real lifesaver should you experience connectivity issues. These are protocols for mobile phone packages and refer to 3G or 4G networks that govern data transfer. Without going into technicalities, this menu is best left alone unless you know what you are doing. Use this code and the address will instantly show up on the screen. The latest version is 9.

There is a code to test every aspect of your Huawei smartphone. Although secret codes are quite handy, few people use them regularly.Account Options Sign in. Top charts. New releases. All Mobile Secret Codes fastappstudio Tools. Add to Wishlist. You have to click on copy button, code automatically copied and paste it on dialer by longpress. Some manufacturers not allow the use of these secret codes and they may not work on your device.

Before using this code keep back up of your data to made it secure. This information is intended for experienced users. It is not intended for basic users, hackers, or mobile thieves. We are not responsible for the use or misuse of this information, including loss of data or hardware damage. So use it at your own risk.

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huawei secret codes not working

Flag as inappropriate. Privacy Policy. See more. Taja Apps Studio. Mobile Secret Code Free include the android secret code of all mobile devices. Robin Christianne Juson. USB tethering and reverse tethering: share your internet from or to your device. Transform your phone or tablet into a Wi-Fi spectrum analyzer 2. Patrick Frei. PhoNetInfo retrieves detailed phone and network information. Inspector Nexus. Carbon Foundry. The most advanced home inspection software on the market.

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A List of Secret Codes of Huawei P20 Lite

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Are you ready for the Galaxy S20? Here is everything we know so far! Just for fun I tried that code on my unrooted i I run Nova Prime and use the Dialer One app. Dialer One brought up the stock phone app when I tried it. Not sure why Dialer One does this. Muilisx Android Expert. As far as I know, those codes don't work with GSM phones. AeolianReflex Android Enthusiast. When I thought back, both phones that didn't work used SIM cards.

My original Incredible was the last phone that this actually worked on and it didn't have a SIM card. My Rezound also did not allow the codes to work and it has a SIM card. I guess it's not a big deal but I hate being locked out of functionality that should be included in a phone that I paid for.

Petrah Psychotic Female. But does not having access to it reduce the functionality of the phone. I don't think it does. This is needed in the event that, say, the firmware needs to be re-flashed to a phone as flashing any firmware other than that intended originally for a particular phone, will invalidate the warranty and prevent future updates via Kies or OTA.

This is perhaps deemed as not so important when dealing with a minority carrier variant of the S4, where there is only one carrier based firmware that is related to that particular model, e. We should not forget that this General Forum deals with 19 of the 23 versions of the Samsung Galaxy S4 and it is important to know as much about the phone as possible before trying to attempt to answer a typical question.

Example of a typical question However, if you have the, " Version ", details they may quickly show Hence, my stock post, herein an effort to determine the model of S4, the firmware and the Android platform it has as this can save a lot of time, trouble and confusion. It looks the same to me on my I Petrah, no it doesn't reduce the phones functionality that's why I said it's no big deal. It's just the idea of VZ taking away native functions for what appears to be no good reason that bugs me.