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How to adjust action on prs custom 24

By Kazrakora

The PRS Custom 24 genuinely lays claim to being the 4th in a quartet.

how to adjust action on prs custom 24

Such is the stature of the model. Of course, one of the things that those who know PRS are all to familiar with is that they come with a healthy price tag.

No doubt the money is worth it if you have owned a PRS.

how to adjust action on prs custom 24

This has given better access to the more financially challenged of us. Oh, and the SE stands for Student Edition. Arguably the most recognisable figure involved with PRS though Paul Reed Smith himself is a very public face of the brand. The SE line is growing each year, with 7 models currently available and a whole lot more SE signature models. Most recently, PRS introduced the S2 range, which is a curious introduction, seemingly jumping on the success of the SE line, but offering an American made alternative.

The S2 line is understandably slightly more expensive that the SE range, and it will be interesting to see i how they compare and ii how they affect the future of the SE range. Mahogany body and neck, maple cap, expensively finished, nice pickups, thin fast neck. This is a guitar that even experienced artists will give a nod and a smile when playing.

Initially you might think there is binding around the body, but that pale stripe is actually the maple cap that they have taped off before putting colour on.

If you see pictures of SE Custom 24 models prior toyou will notice that they had a flat top, that is they are not carved maple. Whilst the current model is not carved a lot, it is a big step forward for me. The two PRS humbuckers are very good quality and offer a lot of versatility in tone. But it is a good sign of a quality instrument that when you dial back the tone a little, there is a very good response from the pickups. They can give a fat, dark tone, perhaps without the depth of a Gibson pickup in such a heavy body like a Les Paul.

But equally you can get fairly articulate single coil tones. Chords can ring and ring and ring, and single notes will hold pretty much as long as you like, which really surprised me. On the test model, there was a great sweet spot at the 12th fret on the G string, curious…but with a distorted tone, it would feedback beautifully every time.

Overall, I find the PRS Custom 24 SE pickups to deliver a tone that is likely to appeal to a wide group of players, with the ability to find a lot of individuality using coil splitting and tone manipulation.Discussion in ' Guitars in General ' started by LebDec 6, Log in or Sign up. The Gear Page. Dec 6, 1. Messages: Hey guys, looking for a pickup that does good split single coil tones on the neck and also for a pickup that is not too hot for the bridge.

The current stock ones are very hot. Any suggestions? LebDec 6, Dec 6, 2. Messages: 28, Lindy Fralin Unbuckers. Duncan '59 neck and bridge TNJDec 6, Dec 6, 3. Messages: 1, The custom 24 uses the Dragon II's I'd say look to the Duncans since that is what Paul bases his pickups off of early PRS's used duncans but now are adjusted to individualize per model.

Dec 6, 4. MetalHeaddDec 6, Dec 6, 5. Does the duncan 59 do nice spilt single coil sounds?Some guitars have a wrapover tailpice style bridge. The strings go through from the front, wrapover the rear of the tailpiece and then make their way up the neck. Well, originally, because it was cheap. Costs less to just bung on a tailpiece than to pay for a tun-o-matic bridge as well. You see, good coupling between bridge and body is a big part of good guitar tone. Not much to get in the way of tasty tone.

Adusting the screw on either the bass or treble side can change the angle the bridge mounts at. For instance, if you adjust the bass-side screw clockwise, it pushes against the mounting post and moves that side of the bridge further back. Essentially, the overall angle of the bridge can be changed and this can be used to approximate a good intonation. The rest of your setup must be right for you before you start.

Intonation is the last thing to set so get your action, relief, nut and pickups sorted out first. You should have fresh strings of your usual gauge and brand installed, properly stretched, and tuned up as normal. Remember, always check intonation and tuning with the guitar in the playing position i.

USA Paul Reed Smith vs Korean PRS SE

Instead, you'll adjust the angle of the bridge to get things in the ballpark. This gives you an advantage over the straight line of the simplest of these bridges. The PRS bridge is probably the most recognisable of these pre-intonated models. Using the grub screws to get the bridge to a good angle will generally give a pretty good overall intonation.

You can get wrapover bridges that have adjustable saddles built in. Think of these as a tun-o-matic built into a stop-tailpiece. If you're planning to buy one of these, make sure it's right for your guitar.

Some of them can be taller than the regular tailpiece bridge which might cause problems getting a good action. Thanks a lot. Check your inbox for an email for me—you'll need to confirm your subscription there. It might take a few minutes to come through so, don't worry if it's not there immediately.

Blue Collar. Sketchy Setups. Solving Intonation Problems. Truss Rods Made Easy. Complete Guitar Wiring. How To Set Intonation. Make Appointment. Location - Find Haze.Normally I wouldn't want to mess with it too much but the screws are all different heights and the trem is quite low. Any man worth his salt can fix almost any problem with this stuff alone.

Here's a video made by John Mann, who made the original PRS bridge, that walks you through the whole process of installing a PRS-style tremolo and setting it up:.

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Sell me on a PRS custom 24

Categories Recent Discussions. Categories CHrisP86 Frets: September in Guitar. September edited September Edit: ICBM's answer has more info and more detail - read his. Otherwise the tension causes the bridge to pull towards the studs and you mark the studs. ICBM Frets: Slacken nearly all the way off but not quite - you don't want the springs to pull the bridge up off the grooves. Set the screws to the same height by sighting across them, making sure you keep the back edge of the bridge horizontal to the body - it will be touching, with not much string tension on, so it will be easy to see.

Once you've got it as right as you can, tune up the guitar again and very carefully turn the four inner screws back and forth a tiny amount until you can feel they're at the 'slack' point when the knife edge is not pushing upward or downward on the groove. Sometimes PRS bridges are very slightly 'dished' due to the way they're cast, so you may find the screws have to follow that slightly. This should show what I mean my old Standard 22 - if you look closely you should be able to see that the bridge is slightly curved:.

ADP Frets: Forgot your password? By gtrplayerDecember 30, in Electric Guitars.

PRS Trem setup

Are the saddles raised as far as they will go? You could loosen the truss rod a tiny bit for more relief. If you're getting fret buzz after the 12th fret I wouldn't loosen the rod. That may make it worse. I just put another shim in my CE last night to get the action a tad lower. I have it strung up with and get no buzz at all. I noticed I still have "some" room with the saddles So, I think first I'll try changing the strings and bringing up the saddles a little and see what happens.

Although, while I have her apart, I'll have a look for a shim in the neck. I've come to NOT like the pickups in this thing I would like something a bit more hotter and meatier as well as brighter for the clean channel. This guitar sucks as far as the clean chanel for me Advice here? The HFS bridge pickup is pretty hot to start with. A Duncan JB is brighter but I don't think it's a lot hotter.

Have you thought about EMG's? I don't see how you could've raised the action all the way and still be getting buzz, did you mean you just didn't want to raise each string a bit individually, you wanted something that would raise all the strings at once?

Regarding the saddles - yea, they are up pretty high alreadyLog in or Sign up. The Gear Page. Nov 21, 1. Messages: 7, I am trying to adjust my intonation on my PRS Custom 22 Trem and with it all the way forward towards the neck, it stops just short of being perfectly in tune.

how to adjust action on prs custom 24

I know there is an adjustment that would give the intonation a bit more play, but I can't figure out where to begin to make the adjustment. Furthermore, as a side note, my action has raised a bit with the change of the season. I assume the easiest way to fix this would be to reduce the relief in the neck. However, last time I did that, I ended up with a Trem that was no longer parallel to the body. I bought a book on guitar setup, but it ended up just being info on how this particular luthier corrected problems on specific guitars, as opposed to technical information on how to make the guitar play great.

Anyone have any tips for me outside of paying someone to fix it. I feel I need to learn this, and it really shouldn't be that hard. In AbsentiaNov 21, Nov 21, 2. Messages: 2, It's not that hard but to be honest, judging from your post, I think you need to educate yourself better on how each of these things impact each other.

Pickups change for PRS Custom 24

To be very simple, set the neck relief. Then the action height and intonation positions all have to be worked together with the bridge springs to keep it level. I would start with the trem level, set the action height I want, then the intonation. Any of those adjustments may throw the trem off of level so you need to stay on top of that adjustment as you go.Forums New posts Search forums.

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how to adjust action on prs custom 24

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For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Sell me on a PRS custom Thread starter cragginshred Start date May 17, So the custom 24 is the best selling PRS right? Also quite popular here.

What tones and benefits does it offer over my Les Paul. Or any other random thoughts regarding this guitar, pups Manning Experienced. Play one and find out. PRS's are great guitars, as are Suhrs. I don't like either, but all that can tell you is that I have my own specific, highly subjective, preferences.

As for objectively-assessable matters, there is no disputing the build quality, the materials used or the components. MarcoB Inspired. Lately I've noticed lots of people raving about the DGT as well. If you get the opportunity, maybe try both the DGT and the Custom 24?